No one ever expects to be pulled over and charged with DUI. If you've been charged with DUI, you need an experienced, knowledgable attorney to stand up for your rights. 

Effective DUI defense requires a very specific knowledge base. Your attorney needs to be familiar with the recent revision to the DUI statutes as well as the ever-changing case law.

At your consultation, the attorney will discuss your options for non-adjudication, expungement and the recent "interlock-restricted" license. 


Your first visit to our office is free of charge. This is a time to discuss your case and hear about your options. For out of town prospective clients, we offer phone consultations. Please bring any documents relating to your case. 

During your initial consultation, the attorney will discuss your matter in detail, offering options and explaining whether the matter can be handled on a flat fee or hourly rate. After your consultation, you can choose whether or not to hire us. If you choose not to hire us, you do not owe us any fee for the consultation. 

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